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Mar 4th 2017

Ginger Bug Recipe – Part 1

by Michelle Moroney


Part 1

Here is how we make our Ginger Bug at the retreat. From this Bug we make a delicious, healthy, carbonated ginger drink (recipe and how to in the next post). I’ve seen recipes that call for grating the ginger for the bug, but it works really well this way for us so I’m just going to show you with the ginger cut into large pieces.


kilner-jarWhat you will need:

Ginger (we use organic and just clean the outside)

Kilner Jar with a pop top

Clean water (without fluoride preferably)

Sugar (we use raw organic cane but it words perfectly well with regular white sugar. The bacteria eat the sugar so you don’t consume it yourself)



Cut the ginger into large pieces – look at the video.

Fill the jar around 3/4’s full with the ginger

For the size of jar I’m using here I added 4 x tbl spoons of sugar.

Top with water, almost to top.

Close lid


Burp daily (open lid slowly to let out the built up gases)



It really is a trial and error process. If nothing starts to happen, as in if it doesn’t start to carbonate/fizz/form bubbles then add more sugar. We went away on holiday for a week and I just left it out on the counter and when I came back it was ready!

It will start to ferment much faster in hotter climates so keep an eye on it and once it starts bubbling then make sure to burp it slowly every day or two.

When getting it started you can turn it upside down a few times to make sure the sugar is getting distributed.

So! Start with this, it can take 2 – 7 days to be as fizzy as the video above. I will post another blog on how to make the drink from the Ginger Bug early next week!

For more information on fermentation and using cultured food for health, check out my good friend’s website The Cultured Club and definitely buy her book!

Part 2 coming in a few days!

  • Helen Kara March 5, 2017 at 7:55 am

    This is great; thank you. I have bought the book. I only started looking into all this a month or so ago – have managed to make and drink kefir but nothing else so far. (I think your fizzy ginger drink would taste much better!) The book looks like exactly what I need right now. Grateful for your timely post!

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