Mari Kennedy

Mari is a teacher, Women’s Development Coach, Integral Facilitator, Celtic Wisdom Holder, Mindfulness and Embodiment Guide and Entrepreneur.  Above all she is  an Enquirer

Her  work is about honouring DIFFERENT ways of KNOWING, NOT KNOWING and UNKNOWING

Her  passion is evolution, in particular women, and our relationship to wisdom and sovereign power at a time between worlds.
Almost two decades ago she left a career as a strategist in the public and private sector. She was burnt out. She reconnected the myths and wisdom of my Celtic ancestors and that had a profound effect on how she was choosing to live as a woman.

Since leaving that path she has dedicated herself to reinstating and integrating the healthy feminine and masculine in her life.

She has been an apprentice to the Celtic Wheel for eleven years.  For the last 3 years has  guided a global community of women around the cycle of the Celtic Wheel

In the last 17 years, she has been a student of many wisdom traditions. She has gathered, coached and mentored women all over the world and created a business that is founded on new female leadership.

More info see www.marikennedy.com