Apr 26th 2014

Yoga and the Seasons by Lisa Quish

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Ayurveda and Yoga have been sister sciences since the beginning in ancient India.

Together they comprise a whole system of human development where yoga is the more spiritually-oriented practice and Ayurveda deals with therapy and treatment for the physical body as well as the mind.”

These doshic constitutions, known as prakruti, are determined at the moment of conception, according to Ayurveda. But doshas are like anything in life; they are fluid and affected by circumstance, emotions, or even the seasons. As we have a long Winter in Ireland, by calandar it ends in December, but the cold and wind often only really blows up with delight in February and early March; which is why a Vata type practice can suit many of us despite our individual dosha type

Suggested Practices for Vata

It is suggested we keep our movement compact and in motion with gentle repetition; this is relaxing for vata as it helps create warmth and nourishment which is beneficial

Practicing at a slow, smooth and steady pace, imaging you are moving through warm water or mud especially when doing surya namaskar will heat the body without expounding too much energy. Strong balancing poses are also good as they help us to stay warm and become more grounded, not letting the winds metaphorically blow us over. In addition, restorative poses, relax the nervous system and help settle the body. I have shared a short video by Banyan Botanicals which shows a vata practice“Balancing Vata Dosha Through Yoga and Ayurveda”—

Burning oils like sandalwood, jasmine or rose and doing self massage (abhyanga) with sesame or almond are also very settling for vata, see for a description on how to do a self massage

In general a well-rounded practice is tridoshic by nature and can accommodate any constitution or imbalance. “If you incorporate forward bends and backbends, twisting and standing poses, pranayama, chanting, as well as inversion, that’s the key,” says Judith Hansen.

“The interface between self-healing and self-realization is the union between yoga and Ayurveda” David Frawley


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