Oct 12th 2018

Why Retreat?

by Michelle Moroney

The word ‘retreat’ is both a noun and a verb. A retreat facility is made of bricks and mortar but the verb ‘to retreat’ means so much more.


studio with mats & blocks


To retreat away from the world


To retreat into oneself

(The word retreat also contains the word ‘treat’!)


Michelle MoroneyOur lives are so busy and it doesn’t seem to matter what our personal circumstance are; it is systemic in our culture. Busyness is in us and it is all around us. It becomes a habit, and it is a dangerous habit as it separates us from who we really are, from nature and from what is important. We become disconnected.


With others, and importantly, disconnected with ourselves.


ClahaneRetreats help us to find balance within the busyness by physically removing us from our day-to-day lives and with the intention and focus to reconnect us again. A great retreat will balance activity with downtime. Social meals with quiet time.

Walking in nature and healthy practices like yoga and meditation.

Delicious healthy food, inspiring company and laughter all help to nourish the soul.

All of this gives us the space and time we need for reflection.


Yoga and hikingRetreats are for everyone. We all deserve the gift of time for ourselves, in a beautiful place that nurtures and inspires. We are never the same when we leave. We leave stronger, calmer, happier and more resilient. We leave inspired. We leave whole.



They are a radical movement of self-care that is not only a ‘treat’ but also an essential part of our complete wellness, body and mind.


The Cliffs of Moher Retreat run retreats year round in a spectacular setting with a range of retreats to suit everyone and every ability. Yoga, meditation, hiking, cookery classes and healing retreats. All the details are available on their website including dates, prices, room types, programs and more.

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