What is a Jade Egg and how can it improve your sex life


Jade Egg


Trust me, it was a total shock to me when I first discovered my pelvic floor muscles had weakened. I had had a baby, sure, but no one told me that jumping on a trampoline should be avoided post-partum. I was horrified when I noticed the enormous wet patch on my jeans. But what was worse, was that I hadn’t even felt it happening.

Scroll forward 10 years and 2 more babies and trampolining is one of my favourite things to do. But no more leakage now and not a Kegel in sight. And I did it with my beautiful Jade Egg.

For more information on where to purchase a Jade Egg please see the bottom of this blog post.

I’m a yoga teacher, and as such the pelvic floor, aka Mula Bandha, is an everyday topic for me. But all over the world there is a special stigma and indeed shame attached to the weakening of this area. How many women out there have stopped running, jumping, didn’t dance at their grown children’s wedding? How many women are not feeling satisfied sexually and are not getting stimulated in the way that they once did. Far more that you might think. It is researched that over 28 million women in the US alone have PFD, Pelvic Floor Syndrome (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development NICH). Sanitary towels, designed for the all too common leakage are advertised on daytime TV. The need is there, but the conversation seems to be a closed shop.

Jade EggWell that is BS and it needs to stop right here. Bringing a child into the world is nothing to be ashamed of so neither should the effects of it on the body.

And it isn’t just mothers that get effected by this. We’re talking muscle here, and if muscles aren’t used, they get weak. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

But the good news is this: they’re just muscles! The vagina doesn’t weaken; it’s comprised of soft tissue. It’s the muscles surrounding the vagina that get weak and at any time, at any stage of life, they can be worked on and strengthened. Just like your arms.

These muscles, they are important in that they actually hold our internal organs into our body. As detailed above they are related to our urinary control and most importantly, our sexual pleasure.

Weakened pelvic floor muscles = decreased sensitivity = less enjoyment. And that’s hardly going to increase desire now is it?

Dr. Lesley Rickey, a urogynecologist at Yale University School of Medicine says ‘Women report more intense orgasms after completing pelvic floor muscle training, according to studies.’ Enter the Jade Egg.

Smooth, beautiful and discreet, the Jade Egg out-classes other pelvic toners on the market by a long shot. Used for millennia in China by empresses and concubines this feminine semi-precious stone is a girl’s best friend.

There are other products out there on the market, some are even prescribed medically, but the ones I’ve seen and tried are large, plastic, phallic and if I’m honest, required a locked room away from the eyes of my lover and kids, for regular use day after day. Frankly this is a luxury out of reach for most new mums.

With the Jade Eggs the experience is totally private. Mindfully and with intention, the quail sized egg is inserted into the vagina and it gives the muscles something to contract onto. At first you mightn’t keep it in very long and when it slides out I believe it’s the body’s way of saying ‘enough’. It takes time to build muscle, but it will happen with a little-and-often-approach. It’s not something to push or to force.

There’s a hole drilled though the egg’s axis and when strung with non-waxy dental floss it can be pulled downward to create resistance (the shower is perfect for this). This is where we really get to strengthen those bad boys. In fact, it is this stringing of the egg and then the hanging of weights on the end of them that is the basis for the Vagina Weight Lifting league – yes it’s a thing, and the current world record holder (a Mum) Tatyana Kozhevnikova, lifted a 14kg kettle-bell at the end of hers.

But back to the reason for this article. As women, our vaginas are our sacred power house and our sexuality is our life force. Unlike men, orgasms fill us with energy and the stronger our orgasms the more life force energy we create. Losing touch with this sensual and sexual part of our bodies is commonplace for stressed-out, tired Mum’s and a lack of sensitivity isn’t going to help change that.

The beautiful Jade Egg brings strength and awareness back to all parts of our sacred anatomy.

I recommend getting a really good quality egg and we’re delighted to recommend an Irish business where you can buy yours! Universal Healing Tao Ireland. Máire has been practicing Taoism for almost a decade and qualified as a Universal Tao Instructor in the Tao Garden with Master Mantak Chia. She teaches the Jade Egg, amongst the full complement of Taoist practice. Máire sells the highest quality nephrite Jade Eggs on her website. They are sourced from the Cassiar mountains of Canada and are hand-carved and non-toxic, especially made for the practice.

Go on try it! You’ll see.

And then tell all your friends.