The Space


Imagine a generous resort where your every need has been lovingly thought through. Where every space is filled with abundant beauty and where your comfort is the primary concern. Where every detail has been carefully and lovingly crafted to allow you to relax, let go and enjoy.

Imagine a backdrop with the mighty Atlantic Ocean crashing on the shore and the awesome Cliffs of Moher rising from the depths.

Imagine an ancient landscape bathed in history and folklore, where music and story weave its magic in daily life.

Imagine a spectacular coastline with long sandy beaches and country lanes lined with crumbling stone walls with grass growing in the centre. A place where warmth of heart and wildness of spirit is in the people, the land and the air.

Imagine coming to a place so far away, so different and so unique and yet feeling so completely at home.



Ease yourself into your retreat with 1 or 2 additional night’s accommodation before you start with RetreatBnB. Available on certain retreats