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Wim Hof

Níall O Murchu

Within a few breaths, I knew I had found something special. After a few days, I was changing: I had more energy and was less stressed. After a few weeks I felt more alive and empowered. After three months, I was transformed: my health had improved, my mind was clear and I had the energy to leave my old job and dedicate my life to teaching the Wim Hof Method.



Wim Hof Method


Since then, I have been teaching people all over Ireland how to use nature (our breath and the cold) to make themselves healthier, happier and stronger. Before that, I spent decades as a wild herbalist, a traditional Irish healer and an international basketball player. Exploring the Wim Hof Method at the Cliffs of Moher Retreat will be a special experience. Hope to see you there.



Michelle Wim Hof

Michelle Moroney

Michelle is a qualified Wim Hof Method Instructor and swims in the Atlantic ocean everyday off her little coastal village in Ireland. She is an adventurer, health enthusiast and is committed to the Wim Hof Method as a tool to getting the most from life.

She values experiences, belongs outdoors and believes that good health and vitality is everyone’s birth right. Michelle has been teaching and sharing yoga, meditation and breathing practices since 2004 and is excited to share her love of the Wim Hof Method with you.