Aoife & Sarah

Aoife McDermott

Aoife’s flow classes weave grounding, stabilizing and strengthening postures with lightness, buoyancy and ease, focusing on soft subtle awareness and connecting the body to breath. She invites each practice as a moment to drop deeply into the body with deliciously slow, playful sequences. Aoife’s Yin practices are steeped in stillness, silence and potency. She aims to carve a space where each student can explore themselves fully, curiously and tangibly experience their inner magic.




Sarah HaganSarah Hagan

As a biochemistry graduate, Sarah is interested in the chemistry altering effects that breathwork, conscious movement and meditation have on the body and mind. Her classes are alignment focused with strong feminine undertones. She weaves elements of softness, surrender and connection into her classes to ensure a nurturing space is created in which students can explore their true potential.