Covid Update and Protocols


Updated: July 28th, 2021

We are opening on August 3rd! We will not be asking for proof of vaccination upon arrival at the retreat centre. We will be carrying out the usual covid precautions on site and we aim to provide a safe and healthy environment for all who join us.

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Studio: We need to inform you that there may be up to 16 people in the studio at one time, the room is 100 Square Metres so the mats will be well spaced apart. Please note that while in the studio we will aim to keep the windows open to keep it ventilated so please bring warm clothes to practice in. We are encouraging all guests to bring their own equipment, however, we have plenty of equipment which you can have for your sole use for the time of your retreat and which will not have been used for 4 days prior to your retreat.

Temperatures: On arrival and each morning we will be taking temperatures going in to the yoga studio. Upon recommendation from medical doctors this is the surest and safest way to ensure everyone is healthy and safe. We are not logging, saving or sharing any of this data, but anyone with a higher than normal temperature will be advised to return home (and come back at another date).

Mealtimes: We know that mealtimes are a very social part of our experience at the Cliffs of Moher Retreat, but sadly our dining room is not large enough to socially distance. We are recommending Mindful Meals – (something we do on our more contemplative retreats), where you can take your food to one of the 5 living spaces (including the dining room) or to one of the 3 outdoor seating areas (weather permitted) and enjoy your meal there. This way there is plenty of space. Of course you can sit as close to someone that you have travelled together with where applicable but we ask that you respect the space of others during mealtimes.

Being outside more: The best place for us to be social is outside. So for this reason we ask you to bring your warmest windproof, waterproof clothes and let’s get out into nature as much as possible. There are beautiful walks, places to sit on the rocks and swim in the sea and all in the safety of the fresh air. Your teacher and host will be encouraging this as much as possible and you can instigate walks with your fellow guests yourself. What better way to get to know someone and to help us all recover from the stressful situation of lockdown than by spending more time in nature. Wrapped up in a blanket with a warm cup of tea at sunset on one of our outdoor seating areas. Enjoying the feeling of the Atlantic breeze on your skin, the sun on your face and your feet on the earth.

Yoga Equipment – we encourage you to please bring your own yoga mat on retreat. Failing that, we do have plenty of mats here which will be washed and sanitised between uses. There will be markers on the floor for where to place your mat once you come in to the studio and as long as you are bringing your gear back to your room, no one else will be using it during your time. We aim to keep the windows in the yoga studio open as much as possible so please bring warm clothes for yoga too.

Wellness Area – For the immediate retreats, we are limiting numbers in all of the wellness area facilities. The hot-tub is limited to 4 at a time, the steam-room to 3, the large sauna to 4, the Far Infrared to 1. The lounge area to 2 per side. The allows 13  people at a time to use the wellness area while circulating between the different facilities. The heat means they are naturally sterilised but we ask all guests to shower before using them.

Personal Responsibility – We feel confident that with the respect and empathy we have observed from our guests over the past 7 years, we can co-create a safe and special space together. One in which we each take personal responsibility for our own behaviour and safety at this very unsure time. We are all different and everyone is moving forward in this new world in our own way. On retreat we are turning in, seeking space and healing, and we have no doubt that this will be no different now. We cannot create a place that feels unsafe, for the very nature of healing requires safety. For this reason the responsibility must be equally on the part of you, our guest, as well as we, the business. Together we can create a space that will allow for deep release, deep healing and letting go. We believe that being a dry facility with no alcohol will help this and while we are doing everything we can on our end, and have made changes across all areas of our business, we need you, too, to be responsible for your own actions. Washing your hands/sanitising etc, being mindful of others and to be respectful of space and distance at all times.


Health Declaration – upon arrival at the retreat you will be asked to fill in and sign a Health Declaration Form. The questions will be emailed to you prior to your arrival and should you answer Yes to any of the questions you will not be permitted to attend the retreat.

Please answer all questions below – tick yes or no .
1. Have you visited any countries outside Ireland excluding Northern Ireland in the past 2 weeks?
2. Are you suffering any flu like symptoms/symptoms of coronavirus covid-19?
3. Are you experiencing any difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath?
4. Are you experiencing any fever-like/Temperature symptoms?
5. Have been around someone with symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days? Yes No