Covid Update and Protocols


Updated: December 14th, 2021

We are open.  We ask that all guests please make an extra precautionary step by taking an Antigen test prior to attending their retreat. We will be carrying out the usual covid precautions on site and we aim to provide a safe and healthy environment for all who join us.

Antigen Testing: We are asking that each guest take an antigen test prior to departing from home the day of the retreat and forward us the negative result. Each member of staff will also take a test prior to working on the retreat.

Studio: The studio will be well ventilated, we have underfloor heating which will allow for the room to be cosy and warm.

Temperatures: On arrival and each morning we will be taking temperatures going in to the yoga studio.

Mealtimes: We have several places where you can enjoy your meals. You can sit in the dining room and share your meal with the rest of the guests or take your meal to any one of the other living spaces, it’s up to you!

Personal Responsibility – We feel confident that with the respect and empathy we have observed from our guests over the past 7 years, we can co-create a safe and special space together. One in which we each take personal responsibility for our own behaviour and safety at this very unsure time. We are all different and everyone is moving forward in this new world in our own way. On retreat we are turning in, seeking space and healing, and we have no doubt that this will be no different now. We cannot create a place that feels unsafe, for the very nature of healing requires safety. For this reason the responsibility must be equally on the part of you, our guest, as well as we, the business. Together we can create a space that will allow for deep release, deep healing and letting go. We believe that being a dry facility with no alcohol will help this and while we are doing everything we can on our end, and have made changes across all areas of our business, we need you, too, to be responsible for your own actions. Washing your hands/sanitising etc, being mindful of others and to be respectful of space and distance at all times.

Health Declaration – upon arrival at the retreat you will be asked to fill in and sign a Health Declaration Form. The questions will be emailed to you prior to your arrival and should you answer Yes to any of the questions you will not be permitted to attend the retreat.

Please answer all questions below – tick yes or no.
1. Are you suffering any flu like symptoms/symptoms of coronavirus covid-19?
2. Are you experiencing any difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath?
3. Are you experiencing any fever-like/Temperature symptoms?
4. Have been around someone with symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days? Yes No