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Mar 11th 2014

The Need

by Michelle Moroney

I’m reading a book at the moment called Simple Abundance by Sara Ban Breathnach. It’s a beautiful book, it has 366 simple messages for each day of the year, including the leap year. It’s inspiring and uplifting, and it has obviously touched the lives of millions of people (mostly women, it is written for women and has a pink cover) …

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Feb 12th 2014

Sow and you shall Reap

by admin

I started gardening the other day, I wanted to prepare a modest patch of ground to grow vegetables in. I had made half-hearted attempts before, never really getting stuck in, but this was to be my year. I was so excited, I did some research, decided what I wanted to grow, chatted to some friends who too were growing for …

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Jan 24th 2014

The Early Morning Blues

by admin

I slept through a whole day once, a whole beautiful 24 hours that I didn’t experience other than in my dream state. I was young, around 19, and was studying in university. We had been up late both working on assignments and partying simultaneously, and early one morning I crashed before dawn and didn’t wake up until 2 calendar days …

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