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May 14th 2019

Winning an award!

by Michelle Moroney

We were delighted to be nominated for an award with the Clare Local Enterprise Office, and even more delighted when we won the category of Best Established Business 2019!!   Michael & Michelle accepting Best Established Business Award 2019   The Awards Ceremony was on March 8th at the Old Ground Hotel in Ennis and we had no idea on attending that we had won. …

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Oct 12th 2018

Why Retreat?

by Michelle Moroney

The word ‘retreat’ is both a noun and a verb. A retreat facility is made of bricks and mortar but the verb ‘to retreat’ means so much more.     To retreat away from the world   To retreat into oneself (The word retreat also contains the word ‘treat’!)   Our lives are so busy and it doesn’t seem to matter what our personal circumstance are; it is …

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Sisters Supporting Each Other  I’m posting this on March 8th, International Women’s Day, a day for everyone to celebrate women.  I grew up in an environment where there were two types of relationships with those of my same sex. I had special friendships, bonds and closeness with some, and then there was everyone else.  Sadly, sometimes even my so-called-friends turned out to …

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Mar 4th 2018

The Rocket

by Michelle Moroney

The Rocket® I recently completed my 2nd training in the Rocket® (Ashtanga Vinyasa), through the founding organization It’s Yoga. I became attracted to the Rocket sequences many years ago when I saw a friend practicing it – I was mesmerized by her seamless transitions. During my trainings I learned that the Rocket sequences and the It’s Yoga system is so much …

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Feb 14th 2018

How to get sh*t done!

by Michelle Moroney

How to get sh*t done!   So the reality of this piece is that the real truth here, the essence of what I’m sharing is ridiculously simple. To quote Nike: Just do it. Yet why is it that the missing pieces in our lives bother us, those holes where we store our never ending To-Do list which might include reconnecting with distant friends and …

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Trust me, it was a total shock to me when I first discovered my pelvic floor muscles had weakened. I had had a baby, sure, but no one told me that jumping on a trampoline should be avoided post-partum. I was horrified when I noticed the enormous wet patch on my jeans. But what was worse, was that I hadn’t …

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