One of our selection of recipes for the simply delicious and nutritious food we serve at The Cliffs of Moher Retreat.

Aug 1st 2014

Blackberry Mini Tarts

by Michelle Moroney

Here is a recipe from our menu here at the Cliffs of Moher Retreat. It’s one that we serve on our retreats!

SO! Here’s the ingredients… pay attention… there are two elements to this one… and a bit of prep in stage two for the day before…

The Shell Ingredients

–   1 cup of raw almonds / walnuts

–   1 cup of dates

–   1 tbsp of water

Now… making the Shell Instructions

–   Blend with the vitamix / another high powered blender

–   Then mould into a silicone cup / cup cake holders to get the shape (rolling them into balls and then ‘thumbing’ them out is probably the easiest way

–   Place in the fridge to help them set.

The Filing Ingredients

–   1 cup of cashew nuts (soak overnight)

–   5 tablespoons lemon juice

–   1 tablespoon lemon zest

–   5 tablespoons water

–   Honey or other sweetener to taste

Now… making the filling Instructions

–   Soak the cashew nuts overnight in water

–   Blend all the ingredients with a vitamix / other high powered blender to make it into a cream.

–   Decorate as you wish!!!!


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