What We Offer


At present we have weekend retreats, bank holiday weekend retreats and longer retreats which are mostly 5 nights (and a few that are 4).


These are divided into the following:

  • Residential Yoga Retreats with Michelle and Dearbhla
  • Yoga Retreats with Special Guest Teachers
  • Connect to Nature, Yoga and Hiking Retreats where we take you on the Cliffs of Moher path
  • Be Whole Health and Wellness Breaks
  • Pregnancy Yoga Retreats with Melissa

Please see below for a description of each of these.


health and wellness / lasting lifestyle changes

Our Be Whole Health and Wellness Breaks are for anyone looking to make a lasting lifestyle change, helping you to lead a healthier and happier life. With a strong focus on taking responsibility for yourself through encouraging and motivational guest speakers and with an important self-guided aspect to each retreat, you will leave confident and competent.





Cliffs of Moher retreat yoga studio entrane way

Our Pregnancy Yoga Retreats are a must for all mums to be! You deserve this special weekend of pampering, incredible pregnancy yoga classes, amazing food and calming walks in nature. Melissa, our wonderful and experienced teacher, has designed this pre natal yoga retreat to suit all capabilities, whether you are a first-time mother, have other children at home or any pregnancy related complaint, by including the very best of Hypnobirthing and yoga methods. Our intention is for you to completely let go by relaxing and also feel empowered to move, breathe and do whatever suits you best.


Cliffs of Moher retreat sauna

Our Residential Yoga Retreats offer you the opportunity to have afternoons filled with long walks in some of Ireland’s most stunning scenery, yoga classes to challenge the body and calm the mind and food so delicious that it should be sinful (don’t worry, it’s not!) Through the expertise of our residential teachers we can guarantee you a truly special experience in which you will leave feeling like a new person.




Our Connect to Nature, Yoga and Hiking Retreats will awaken and invigorate your senses through the yoga, hiking, delicious food and mindful relaxation. This is a great opportunity to get out in nature, blow away the cobwebs, stretch out your body and calm and centre your mind and reconnect to yourself on all levels.




Hot tub

We want to offer as much variety as possible, so with this in mind, we have teamed up with some of the best Yoga Teachers in Ireland to bring you our Yoga Retreats with Special Guest Teachers.